Interview with Jim Doyle – Area Governor D71G41

Helene did an interview with Area Governor Jim Doyle, District 71 = United Kingdom and Ireland,
Area G41 = in and around Cambridge & Huntingdon.

He has 5 clubs to support which he did frequently. He became mentor of the City Communicators so
very within reach for many Toastmasters.

After his Governorship he’ll be rewarded a DTM.

Introducing French Toastmasters Club “Rosemasters”

After our few Easter words in here and on Facebook about the realignment and the importance of ‘’letting it be’’ in order to get on with the real purpose of Toastmasters, we enjoyed a lot of reactions.

One came from Toulouse, France: Dominique Carrasco. He sent us this excellent tape in French language, introducing Toastmasters in general and his bi-lingual English-French club “Rosemasters” in particular.