Episode 09- The Birthday Show


Welcome to the podcast, believe it or not, the podcast has been around for a whole year now, so this is our birthday episode.  We wrap of the interviews from the District 59 2012 Fall Conference in Bonn, Germany.

In this episode we…

  • Interview Peter Kent, who has 20+ years experience in Toastmasters
  • Talk to Barbara Hoerger, who was the District 59 Governor for 2011-2012 Toastmasters year
  • Talk to Morag Mathieson, who is the current District 59 Governor for the 2012-2013 Toastmaster year
  • We have a big update from Antwerp about the District 59 2013 Spring Confernce
  • D59 has beens promoting Open Houses at clubs in February and March, be sure to let your Area Governor know when you’re holding yours and about the results
  • We’re looking for a theme song for the podcast, we’ve included snippets  from the new club theme for the Famous Toastmasters of Wiesbaden, Germany
  • Look for the next Toastmasters Podcast Europe coming in the next few weeks.


Bye for now.


One thought on “Episode 09- The Birthday Show”

  1. Hi Darryl,
    I was trying to listen to the podcast. At 11:39 ( I think) it always breaks off. tried it more than once, but it seams to be not working. Or is there a secret behind it?

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