Olivia Schofield Offering Webinar to District 59 Members

The Toastmasters Podcast Europe is pleased to announce that Olivia Schofield will be conducting a Webinar on the Voice of Success for District 59 members.  District 59 Public Relations Officer, Ruxandra Balboa-Poysti, recently interviewed Olivia as preparation and promotion of the webinar.  It should be noted that portions of the audio quality vary, so we have posted the questions that Olivia was asked.

Intro: Olivia Schofield, you are known within TM circles as THE woman champion finalist of 2011 and to many companies as one of the inspirational speakers of Spectacular speaking. You are also the author of “A thief, a failure, a fabulous future” and you are currently working on your second book. We are interviewing you today because many of our members prepare for speech contests right now and a certain number aspire to become professional public speakers. I personally can’t think of any better example than you to illustrate how by owning or getting passed our inner impediments, we can turn from shadow into light.
1) How did you turn the young lady tortured by a speech impediment into an appreciated public speaker worldwide?
2) we all have the ability to speak naturally. What does the job of a public speaker consist of? Could any of us become a public speaker?
3) there are very few female public speakers we women could take as models be it in terms of communication or leadership style. Is the business of public speaking a men’s world run by men and mainly intended for a male audience or can a woman easily find her way?
4) Toastmasters was your platform for building yourself as a public speaker and launching a business you would not have thought of. Regardless of the gratitude, aren’t there moments when one was to think in terms of cutting the cord with Toastmasters to really develop own business or is it an environment that will nurture yourself for ever?
5) what could we improve in Toastmasters to help our members emerge as better communicators?
5 bis) what do you think of the opportunity offered by Toastmasters Speakers Bureau’s in terms of enabling potential public speakers to emerge?
6) In your book ” A thief, a failure, a fabulous future, you tell us how you overcame your speech impediment to reach the finals of the Toastmasters contest in 2011 with the help of a teddy bear called Wodwik, you tell us how you went from considering yourself a failure to accepting yourself and becoming a top performance-driven person. I take p.7 of your booklet where you say: ” the first step towards the trophy of truth is to minimize our weaknesses and maximize our success”. How does that work?
7) In the coming weeks, you have kindly accepted to give two voice trainings through our district 59 go-to-webinar channel – our audience will find the links under this podcast. Why is voice training so crucial in preparing for speech competitions or high profile presentations and what will the objectives of these two sessions be?
8) Viktor Frankl, the founder of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) wrote “I want you to listen to what your conscience commands you to do and go on to carry it to the best of your knowledge”. Isn’t it the supreme goal for a coach in public speaking, that word and action are one and that they ultimately support our deepest values?

District 59 Public Relations Officer, Ruxandra Balboa-Poysti, would like to thank you Olivia for sharing her insights with us. She would like to remind you that you can register for Olivia’s webinars the Voice of success:early morning voice training with Olivia Schofield that will take place 3rd and 17th April by clicking on the links under this podcast. Toastmasters District 59 offers Olivia’s booklet/CD to the 30th person to register for the webinars and Wodrik the teddy bear to the 60th. To help prepare for your upcoming speech contest, I invite you to read her winning speech from her website.


How to Register:

Please register for The voice of success I: early morning voice training with Olivia Schofield on Apr 3, 2014 8:00 AM CEST at:


And for The voice of success II: early morning voice training with Olivia Schofield on Apr 17, 2014 8:00 AM CEST at:


During these webinars, Olivia Schofield will give some tips and tricks to help you prepare for your upcoming competitions and presentations. She will tell you about working with the musicality of your voice, warming it up and articulating. These tips are specifically intended for an audience of non native speakers or for native speakers addressing an audience of non-natives. After the event, the webinars will be available on the district website  (www.district59.org)

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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