Interview with Dirk Loeffelbein from Krakow

For all of the Toastmasters that were at the District 59 2014 Spring Conference in Krakow,  Poland you will no doubt remember the Gala Dinner and the surprised engagement proposal that Dirk Löffelbein made to Maija Kadlecova and that she said “yes” (eventually), it was an engagement proposal that none of us will ever soon forget! I had the opportunity to interview Dirk the next morning. He tells us about his feelings about the birth of D95 and the proposal.

It was nice to have a room in Krakow where I could do interviews (which I’ll continue to publish in the coming weeks). Unfortunately, I don’t believe that the room made the best backdrop for a video interview and a road race just so happened to occur while I was interviewing Dirk, but I hope that you can tune this out and enjoy the interview.  I encourage you to also check out the other videos at the District 95 YouTube Channel.

Bye for now,