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Hi everyone we’re going to be interviewing Carole McCulloch​ for an upcoming episode on EasySpeak. We plan to do this on on October 30th (7 am Central European Time). If you have a Twitter account you can join us. Blab allows up to 4 people to be on camera at a time, but everyone else can watch and participate in the chat.  We plan to record for the podcast but we will have a Q&A after the recording where you can ask your questions about EasySpeak.

The blab will be at:


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Carole and I recently did another session on Blab for the podcast and it was a lot of fun. I hope to see many of you there on Friday.



Episodes 41, 42, & 43- Mohamed Hanbal

Mohamed Hanbal

Welcome to the podcast!

In this episode we interviewed  Mohamed Hanbal,  the winner of the 2015 District 95 Division F International Speech Contest. This is a interview is broken up into three parts  at around 15 minutes or so (all of which you can find further down in this post) , As Toastmasters we sometimes her remarkable speeches and stories that stick with us, I had the pleasure of seeing Mohamed compete as a very fresh Toastmaster in the Division F contest in April and he had made quite an impact on the audience that day. We talked about his father’s dying last words to him back in Egypt and his bold move to enroll in a Masters program in Germany.  We also talked about what he learned as a boxer and playing competitive handball.

  • You can find like Mohamed on Facebook
  • You can watch Mohamed giving his speech here.
  • You can find his blog here.
  • Here is the blog article that he mentioned in the interview
  • The podcast theme song comes from the Famous Toastmasters of Wiesbaden, Germany

From Mohamed’s resource list:

  • “Presenting to Win”- By Jerry Weissman
  • “How to Win Friends and Influence People”- By Dale Carnegie
  • “Have A Nice Conflict: How to Find Success and Satisfaction in the Most Unlikely Places” By Ken Mitchell, Michael Patterson, and Tim Scudder
  • “Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results”- By Stephen Guise
  • “The Compound Effect”- By Darren Hardy

We experimented with a platform called, where we conducted a panel discussion on Online Clubs.  You can look for this episode in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Note the picture above was provided by Mohamed.

Mohamed Hanbal Part 1

Mohamed Hanbal Part 2

Mohamed Hanbal Part 3