Episodes 44, 45, & 46- About Online Clubs

Online TMs   Firebirds Nov 15 Meeting

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Have you heard anything about Online Toastmaster Clubs, maybe even visited a club or become a member? Well, in this episode we tried something a little different. We had a panel discussion about Online Toastmaster Clubs on Blab.im with Coach Carole, Susan Ellsworth and Ian Murray moderated the discussion so that Darryl could participate. It was a good experience using blab to have the discussion with people located in Australia, the U.S. and Germany.

  • You can find the Online Toastmasters Group here.
  • You can find the Firebird Collective’s Facebook page here.
  • You can find the Firebird Collective’s EasySpeak site here, which also has the meeting dates and times.
  • You can find Ian on Facebook.
  • You can find Ian’s Dynamic Speaking  here.
  • You can find Susan on Facebook.
  • You can find Coach Carole on Facebook.
  • You can find Coach Carole on LinkedIn.
  • Coach Carole has the Coach Carole website and  OZeLive.com
  • The podcast theme song comes from the Famous Toastmasters of Wiesbaden, Germany

We did another discussion Blab.im, where we talked about EasySpeak with Coach Carole.  You can look for this episode in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Note the top picture is a collage of Facebook pictures of Coach Carole, Ian, and Susan. The lower picture is a screenshot from the Firebird Collective meeting of November 15th.

Online Clubs Part 1


Online Clubs Part 2


Online Clubs Part 3

2 thoughts on “Episodes 44, 45, & 46- About Online Clubs”

  1. What happened to OSCAR? I met him in Tallinn… just…

    The Firebirds and Toastmasters meeting online is wonderful, I am more and more awed about the feeling of Tribe it gives us with Toastmasters all over world participating.

    1. I think that this must have been a different Oscar. Yes, I’m really enjoying the Firebird Collective and I enjoy meeting with people from around the world in Firebird Meetings.

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