Interview with Jim Kokocki, Toastmasters 2015-16 International President

Blab 2015-12-18 with Jim Kokocki

Welcome to the podcast!

We’re pleased to announce that we had a Blab session with the Toastmasters 2015-16 International President Jim Kokocki yesterday.  While we hope to turn the audio into more of our usual format in January, we thought that you’d like to be able to see the video from the session of December 18, 2015.  Our thanks to Jim Kokocki for participating in this exciting new format and to Ian Murray who co-hosted and ran the chat box for us.  Be sure to look for more episodes in the coming weeks.

Note the picture above is a screenshot captured during the Blab session.

You can watch the video of the Blab session below:

If you have problems looking at the video in the viewer above, you can go directly to the link below:

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