Episode 62: EasySpeak Q & A with Coach Carole

Coach Carole

Welcome to the podcast!

This episode  has taken a little while to get out, but we finally did it. We interviewed  Coach Carole (Carole McCulloch) on Blab and we talked about EasySpeak. Coach Carole is one of many people around the globe who actively helps EasySpeak users with their questions and problems and she is a fountain of knowledge about EasySpeak.

We hope that you’ve had a chance to watch the Blab that we did with Jim Kokocki, Toastmasters 2015-16 International President and please spread the word. We have several more episodes in the pipeline.  If you have an idea for episode, you know someone that you think is doing  or has done interesting or amazing things, we’d like to talk to them. please add a comment or contact us. We’ve enjoyed out Blab sessions so far and will be looking at doing some more of this and who knows what else we’ll try. Stay tuned.  Happy Toastmastering.

Look for the next episode, in the coming weeks.

Note the picture above was provided by Coach Carole


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