Episode 65- Mohammed Qahtani

Mohammed Qahtani

Welcome to the podcast!

In this episode  we interviewed  the 2015 World Champion of Public Speaking, Mohammed Qahtani.  Mathilde Fischer did the interview at the District 95 2016 Spring Conference.

Since we did our interview with Toastmasters International Past President, Pat Johnson, Blab has announced that they’re discontinuing their service. While we don’t know what that will mean  to people that have used Blab or to their future plans, we’ll be testing other services so that we can continue  to have online remote interviews, giving  our audience the opportunity to take an active role as we have with several of our Blab sessions. We hope that you enjoy the interview.

We have several more episodes in the pipeline.  If you have an idea for episode, you know someone that you think is doing  or has done interesting or amazing things, we’d like to talk to them. please add a comment or contact us. We’ve enjoyed out Blab sessions so far and will be looking at doing some more of this and who knows what else we’ll try. Stay tuned.  Happy Toastmastering..

Happy Toastmastering.

  • You can find Mohammed Qahtain on Facebook here
  • You can watch is  2015 WCPS speech here
  • The podcast theme song comes from the Famous Toastmasters of Wiesbaden, Germany

Look for the next episode, in the coming weeks.

Note the picture above comes from Mohammed Qahtani’s Facebook page.

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