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Episode 66 – András Baneth

Welcome to the podcast!

In this episode  we interviewed  András Baneth founder of

András believes in the power of live presentations and personal connections, which is why he created SpeakerHub together with others. They are not a speaker agency but the fastest-growing community of professional, independent, or amateur public speakers and trainers who’d like to be found by companies, event organizers and schools. They welcome anyone with expertise in any field who is open to speaking at conferences, events or schools as a paid or pro bono presenter.

We talked with him about how Toastmasters could benefit from speakerhub. What are advantages or disadvantages. Stay tuned.

Happy Toastmastering..

Look for the next episode, in the coming weeks.

Interview with Morag Mathieson – Lt Gov. Edu and upcoming Governor District 59

During the District 59 Spring conference I talked to Morag Mathison, Lt. Governor  in the Toastmasters year 2011/2012. Like Barbara also Morag was heavily involved in man yactivities around the conference, hence, it was difficult to get time for an interview as well 😉

We wish her all the best for her new role as Governor of District 59!

Interview with Barbara Hoerger – Governor of District 59 in 2011/2012

During the District 59 Spring conference I talked to Barbara Hoerger, District Governor in the Toastmasters year 2011/2012. Barbara was heavily involved in man yactivities around the conference, hence, it was difficult to get time for an interview 😉

She talks about her personal highlights of the year, expectations and challenges she had to master during her role as District governor.


Interview with Mark Hunter – World Champion in Public Speaking of 2009

During the District 59 Spring conference I talked to Mark Hunter, World Champion in Public Speaking of 2009. Mark gave the two keynote speeches at the conference and was the main reason why so many participants got up early after short nights. He talked about how to handle adversity, challenges and gave advice how to prepare for the upcoming speech contests in fall.


Interview with Jim Doyle – Area Governor D71G41

Helene did an interview with Area Governor Jim Doyle, District 71 = United Kingdom and Ireland,
Area G41 = in and around Cambridge & Huntingdon.

He has 5 clubs to support which he did frequently. He became mentor of the City Communicators so
very within reach for many Toastmasters.

After his Governorship he’ll be rewarded a DTM.

Introducing French Toastmasters Club “Rosemasters”

After our few Easter words in here and on Facebook about the realignment and the importance of ‘’letting it be’’ in order to get on with the real purpose of Toastmasters, we enjoyed a lot of reactions.

One came from Toulouse, France: Dominique Carrasco. He sent us this excellent tape in French language, introducing Toastmasters in general and his bi-lingual English-French club “Rosemasters” in particular.

Happy Easter 2012!

Good morning Fellow Toastmasters!

Time is flying in the two Districts of Europe.

Many Toastmasters are being confronted with this huge realignment into four Districts.

It’s not easy to plan new frontiers and please all Toastmasters. Some will be disappointed
as a neighbouring club will not be in the same District anymore. Or countries like Holland
and Belgium – while sharing the same language, – can kiss each other goodbye. One of them
will join Germany, the other France . . . (I heard)

Well, we’ll have to get used to the fact that some clubs will be separated by necessary
bureaucracy but should be happy in the knowledge that we still can enjoy exactly the same
contacts across Districts as we have always done.

Enjoy the Spring without wasting time!