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May: District Spring Conferences in POZNAN (D59) & WEXFORD (D71)



Wexford for U.K. & Ireland:

WOW Conference | WORKSHOPS
Mark of a Champion – Mark Hunter: Mark has been a three time finalist in the World Championships of Public Speaking before finally winning the contest in 2009. In this session Mark will share with us an analysis of the three Speeches Mark used in the World Championship finals providing tips that we …

Wexford Toastmasters County Wexford is proud to welcome the District 71 Toastmasters’ Spring Conference to the Sunny South East of Ireland. The WOW Conference is dedicated to the Words of Wexford, found not only through speech, but also in song, writing and laughter.

 We hope to see many of you!


Olivia Schofield

Last week we spoke with our Champion Olivia Schofield in Berlin. She is in last minute preparations for her
speaking-tour through the United States.  She promised to keep Toastmasters Podcast Europe posted on
her voyage and she will send videos as she progresses. Thanks Olivia!  Lots of success for  your trip!!


For our readers wanting to know more about her:

Olivia Schofield is a Londoner, living in Berlin. She studied dance and choreography at The London School of Contemporary Dance, and voice and stage at Arts Educational. Olivia however, had a speech impediment, which
hindered her stage career.

She retrained, and armed with a first-class honours degree in Communication and Linguistics, joined the BBC,
behind the camera. Olivia went on to work for some of the great broadcasters in a variety of organisational and
business roles, ITN, Granada Television, British Pathe and Ikono TV. In her role as Business Development
Manager at ITN Source, one of the large archive houses, Olivia looked after Key accounts including ZDF.
WDR and NDR. Still 20 years after giving up dance, her anxiety for speaking had not lessened her passion for performing.

In 2010 a friend introduced Olivia to Toastmasters. The nurturing environment immediately appealed to her;
a nurturing environment that would unlock her voice.
18 months after joining Toastmasters, Olivia went on to place first at the District level in the international
speech competition. She competed in The World Championship of Public Speaking in Las Vegas in 2011 and
out of 35,000 contestants; she placed as the top women and the first District 59er ever to reach the finals.

Olivia says “giving a speech is just like creating a piece of choreography: it should have unexpected twists and
turns that leave the audience inspired.”  “It took me 25 years to find my voice and another 25 to realise I had
something to say!”

Lars Sudmann

Toastmasters Podcast Europe is extremely pleased to have received a first video from Lars Sudmann.
Lars is a Member of the oldest Toastmasters Club in Belgium, the recently 40 years old
‘’Brussels Toastmasters’’:
His own website is

When I was founding new Toastmasters clubs in Flanders, Belgium, Lars’ contribution was substantial.
In each new club he would come over several times – all the way from Brussels – to favour us with his
Educationals on
How To

  • invent worthwhile Table Topics on the spot
  • valuable Evaluations to help fellow Toastmasters along
  • structural Organisation of your speech
  • the necessary Humor in speeches
  • use and not mis-use of PowerPoint (We all use his T-T-T!)
  • etc.etc.

Living in the U.K. now, I hope to see him on these isles as well. After all, interaction between the Districts
of Europe was always essential and will become even more so after the realignment into four Districts.





Good Morning World!

This first blog is to celebrate the start of Toastmasters Podcast Europe.

All of us four we are Toastmasters eager to spread the word using the social media for Europeans in particular.

Quite a few Governors, Past & Present, have already asked us to come by and do an interview.

Same goes for the longer Educationals on:

  • Expansion of Toastmasters clubs with FAQs & support for starting new clubs
  • How to become an excellent Judge for all contests
  • How to improve Evaluations
  • How to improve Table Topics
  • etc.

These are all subjects we need to ponder on from time to time, if not live then in E-learning.

We have on the right hand side in green: ‘’Speakpipe’’ for 5 minutes’ spoken messages. Very
Toastmasters-like, you do not need to write but can send us your suggestions by ”voicemail”.

Of course the written ones are also welcome below or on the contactpage.

CU or hear you when first interviews are in.

the team