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Good Morning World!

This first blog is to celebrate the start of Toastmasters Podcast Europe.

All of us four we are Toastmasters eager to spread the word using the social media for Europeans in particular.

Quite a few Governors, Past & Present, have already asked us to come by and do an interview.

Same goes for the longer Educationals on:

  • Expansion of Toastmasters clubs with FAQs & support for starting new clubs
  • How to become an excellent Judge for all contests
  • How to improve Evaluations
  • How to improve Table Topics
  • etc.

These are all subjects we need to ponder on from time to time, if not live then in E-learning.

We have on the right hand side in green: ‘’Speakpipe’’ for 5 minutes’ spoken messages. Very
Toastmasters-like, you do not need to write but can send us your suggestions by ”voicemail”.

Of course the written ones are also welcome below or on the contactpage.

CU or hear you when first interviews are in.

the team