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Come Join The Toastmasters Pinterest Banner Group Pinboard


Have you heard of Pinterest? This social media darling has had astronomical growth with millions more people discovering it every month.  In February 2013, it was reported by Reuters that Pinterest had over 48 million global visitors.  There are lots of ways that Toastmasters can make use of Pinterest and one of these is by the use of the “Our Toastmaster Banners” Pinterest group pinboard. I’d like to tell you about the group pin board.


What is Pinterest, you’re probably asking?  Wikipedia says “Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more. Users can browse other pinboards for inspiration, ‘re-pin’ images to their own pinboards, or ‘like’ photos.”  Its like putting a big pinboard online and adding the social aspects that we’re all getting more and more used to.  This means that you can create your own pinboards, themed about pratically anything; you can add your own pictures to each pinboard or add pictures from the internet, other people can follow your boards and “re-pin” items that they like, and you can invite others to join on boards where you would like to collaborate.


What does this have to do with Toastmasters, you ask?  Toastmasters is largely a social organization and it makes sense for us to tap into various social media sites and to be where the people are.  By sharing Toastmasters related content in Pinterest, we reach out to a new audience that potentially join our clubs and make use of our material and it allows us to share material with other Toastmasters and to find material that others find interesting and useful.


The basic goal behind the “Our Toastmaster Banners”  is to collect pictures of banners from every single club, division, district, and region (basically anywhere there is a Toastmaster banner, a picture of it should appear here).  This gives people looking at the group pinboard an idea of how many clubs there are and where they are in a visual way that will draw attention to Toastmasters.  As the group grows, with more and more club banners being pinned, the board has a great chance of getting noticed and possibly going viral.   This is a great place to tell a story about your club and to share banner pictures from clubs that you visit.


There are different ways to participate.  You can send an email to (darrylheron@about.me) asking to join the group pinboard (be sure to let e know your Pinterest username and provide a link to your Pinterest profile). You can pin banner pictures from your club and clubs you visit.  You can tell your clubs story.  You can comment on pins in the group pinboard.  You can challenge others and other clubs to participate. You can send a picture of your club banner to (darrylheron@about.me).


Our Toastmasters” is anouther group pinboard with lots of educational sharing opportunities.  There are pins linking to useful Toastmaster material, some people have even added links to videos of some of the World Champion of Public Speaking winning videos.  Maybe you have something to share that you think other Toastmasters could benefit from. Why not check out this board as well?


I hope that you’ll check out the  “Our Toastmaster Banners” and the “Our Toastmasters” pinboards and promote your clubs and share valueable and useful information with other Toastmasters. Happy Pinning!


Bye for now.