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Episode 005 Interview with Ivan Aksenov

Welcome to the podcast, in this episode we interview Ivan Aksenov, Acting Governor of D59 Divsion F.  Ivan is the Immediate Past President of the Darmstadt Toastmasters club.  He is also a driving force behind setting up a new advanced club in Division F.

In this episode we…

  • Interview Ivan Aksenov
  • Announce a contest to find a podcast theme song
  • Announce a contest to find the best club theme song in Europe
  • Play the new club theme for the Famous Toastmasters of Wiesbaden, Germany


Bye for now.



P.S. I’ll be at the D59 Fall Conference in Bonn from November 16th to 18th.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Interview with Barbara Hoerger – Governor of District 59 in 2011/2012

During the District 59 Spring conference I talked to Barbara Hoerger, District Governor in the Toastmasters year 2011/2012. Barbara was heavily involved in man yactivities around the conference, hence, it was difficult to get time for an interview 😉

She talks about her personal highlights of the year, expectations and challenges she had to master during her role as District governor.


Interview with Mark Hunter – World Champion in Public Speaking of 2009

During the District 59 Spring conference I talked to Mark Hunter, World Champion in Public Speaking of 2009. Mark gave the two keynote speeches at the conference and was the main reason why so many participants got up early after short nights. He talked about how to handle adversity, challenges and gave advice how to prepare for the upcoming speech contests in fall.